- About fiat luxx -

In Latin, "Fiat Lux" means, "Let there be light". Our company firmly believes in integration and innovation as the foundation to what we do. We want to create unique and appealing products for our clients so that their brand can stand out from the rest.

With decades of experience in video production, web design and development, Audio/Video and marketing, we provide our clients with unlimited opportunities to create and produce contents to gets their message across to the public.

- How we do it -

Fiat Luxx serves to make your visions come to life. We have assembled extraordinary talented people that breath creativity and artistry into our client's projects, maximizing the potential for success for out clients. By offering a variety of services including: photography, videography, website design, social media application development, complete e-commerce website development, corporate identity (logo and stationery design), brochures and prints. We are experts in helping businesses and organizations send their message, communicate better with the community, or improve their identity.

We stand by our motto: "be humble, but be hungry" as we move towards the future of this company with respect and deference towards out cleints but with confidence and conviction in our skills and talents. Like the name of our company, we would like to bring light to your desires and vision so that it can radiate brightly for others to see. You may check out our work here

- what we can do for you -

Our process is deceptively simple. We listen. We listen to what you want. We listen to what your challenges and goals are and, based on our experience, we recommend a program to support your business development. Sometimes the process can take some time as we help you determine your real needs. Sometimes the process is very straightforward:

The key is to determine your real needs and that we do by listening. It's part of what makes us different.

Graphic Design

  • - Logo Creation
  • - Logo Reinterpretation
  • - market research
  • - Advertising Materials

Brand Identity

  • - Demographic Identification
  • - Marketing Plan Rejuvenation
  • - Brand Identity Perception Schematics
  • - Brand Identity Restructuring

Web Design

  • - Tailor-made Designs
  • - Custom Implementations
  • - Utilized Solutions
  • - Custom HTML5/CSS3 Designs
  • - Ecommerce development

Social Media

  • - Social Media Integration
  • - Customer & Fan Base Engagement
  • - Direct Mail Campaigns
  • - Hybrid Traditional & New Media Marketing


  • - Harness the power of videos in today‚Äôs interactive marketplace. We offer a wide array of videography services from video marketing solutions and concepts to corporate video production and profile videos. Let us help you design a video to meet your specific needs. We have worked in small businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agaencies.