- project planner -


“Let’s get to know you”

Our team will communicate with you to talk about your needs for your project. Once we figure out what you are looking for, we will draft a proposal which includes the budget, production details, and a proposed schedule, from start to finish.


“Let’s make something”

Avengers, assemble! Our team will assemble the right personnel to work on your project to completion. We will execute the plan that was agreed upon during the “Let’s get to know you” stage, taking care of the logistic puzzle that we call pre-production.


“Let’s work together”

Once we have everything ready to go, it’s time to work! We will start the production process by letting our team know the vision, the execution and the deadline for the project so everyone is on the same page.


“Let’s play”

This is where the fun begins. With everyone on the same page, we work towards completing the project by the deadline. The key is communication between the personnel that’s working on the project and the clients to be on the same page and same mindset regarding the progress of the project.


“Let’s put it together”

Once Production is completed, we will start the process of finalizing the product. This includes testing the content with the clients and making sure we work out all the bugs and be prepared to launch!


“Let’s get it done”

Now we’re done! We test out the content and make sure the content is what we set out to accomplish, making sure that we continue to work on the project until you are fully satisfied with the completed work!